The Hungry Home Inspector by P Nathan Thornberry :: Why Some Inspectors are Always Hungry for More While Others Just Go Hungry

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The Hungry Home Inspector

Why Some Inspectors Are Always Hungry For More
While Others Just Go Hungry

Nathan Thornberry is a successful vendor to the real estate profession- working with home inspectors and real estate agents throughout the U.S. and Canada for over 13 years.  His company, Residential Warranty Services (and The Inspector Services Group), has been involved in more tha 2.1 million real estate transactions and has exhibited growth every year since 2000...including those down years of 2009-2011 in the wake of the subrime mortgage meltdown.

His Products have changed the home inspection profession and improved the service offerings of literally thousands of home inspectors- products like Recall-Chek, the 90-day Warranty and the Alarm Leads Program.

The Hungry Home Inspector includes stories from growing up in one of the largest home inspection companies in the U.S. and takes you step-by-step through solving the mistakes home inspectors make every day in their businesses. You won't find a more thought-provoking book on the market for the home inspection profession.   If you take this book to heart, you'll double your income- plain and simple.