The Hungry Home Inspector by P Nathan Thornberry :: Why Some Inspectors are Always Hungry for More While Others Just Go Hungry

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The Hungry Home Inspector

Why Some Inspectors Are Always Hungry For More
While Others Just Go Hungry

Chapter 17


Get your credit card out.  You're going to need it.  
Just kidding. Cash is also accepted.

There are skills needed for doing your job- and sometimes certifications required for offering various services.  Don’t mistake being able to perform a task with being able to make money doing it.

You’ll find in this section the leading vendors in the home inspection industry, and every single one has something you should add to your marketing toolbox and implement immediately.  The only thing to gain by waiting is lost revenue and lost opportunity.


Software should make your job easy, allow you to brand yourself well, and integrate with the services you need to grow your business.  No one was offered the opportunity to pay to be on this list of the best software in the inspection industry- they were handpicked.  All of them have the support staff necessary to fulfill your needs, the programming wherewithal to make changes as needed, and all have shown the ability and willingness to support their users through integration with third parties.  Each of the software companies listed has either already integrated with RecallChek for instance (or has made a programming commitment to do so), and many of them integrate with each other.  For instance, a 3-D report can be uploaded to the Schedule Center with ease and an appointment made in the Inspection Support Network can automatically download into the Home Inspector Pro template.  Systems and processes like these not only make your job easier, it also allows for easy expansion when it’s time to hire more home inspectors.  

All of these providers share the philosophy that the home inspector’s brand comes first.  You won’t find them directing traffic of your agents and clients to their site- it’s YOUR client and it’s YOUR brand!

The BAM Dashboard works well to supplement all of your software in promoting your company in real estate offices.


3-D Inspection System

Carl Fowler




Home Inspector Pro

Dominic Maricic

Inspection Management Systems

Russ Colliau




Inspector Services Group

BAM (Broker/Agent Marketing) Dashboard Inspector Services Group

Mike Doerr


Inspection Support Network

Dan Huber




Carson Dunlop

John Kwasnik




Dan Huber



Summit Systems

Barry Prentice



Melissa Chaumont


USPs (Unique Selling Propositions)

Setting yourself apart from the competition takes more than being a “good inspector.”  Find three or more things that you can offer that others can’t or won’t.  Will you take my call after the inspection is complete?  Really?  ANYBODY can say that.  Don’t get me wrong, you should offer great customer service if you plan on being in business for long and it goes without saying that delivering a good, solid inspection is necessary in any inspection business.

Try this one on for size; “With every full home inspection, we offer a 90-Day Warranty that covers many things that could break shortly after you move in even if they were working fine at the time of inspection.”  Or maybe this one; “At the time of our inspection, we take down the make and model number of all your major appliances and check to see if any have been recalled due to fire or safety issues.  It’s one of many ways we provide premium service that our competition just can’t keep up with.”

Offering color photographs and emailed reports isn’t unique anymore- it’s required.  The following vendors provide awesome services that your clients are going to love…but don’t stop here!  Come up with something uniquely your own to add to your business model.




P. Nathan Thornberry & Mike Doerr


My Engineer On Call

Jeff Donaldson




(Radon Monitors with the Radon Protection Plan-the ultimate USP for your Radon testing business)

Terry Howell




The Inspector Services Group

90-Day Warranties from Residential Warranty Services

P. Nathan Thornberry & Mike Doerr


The Inspector Services Group

Termite Protection Plan

P. Nathan Thornberry & Mike Doerr



Alarm Inspection Certification

Bill Gustafson



Inspector Services Group 

The Alarm Leads Program

P. Nathan Thornberry & Bill Gustafson

*The Alarm Leads Program not only allows for the USP of offering clients a discount on alarm monitoring, it offers a compliant way to receive some of the other products listed in this section for free or even receive cash.

203k in a box

Catherine Hall

There are many ways to become a 203k inspector, I prefer to let Catherine do the work in getting me there!

Insurance (Errors & Omissions)

In the constantly evolving world of real estate and home inspection, it’s important to protect yourself from liability.  That means doing a good inspection, responding to complaints diligently, and having an insurance policy for when things go wrong.

Insurance has become a marketing edge as well- especially policies with referral protection for agents.  

Rates and programs change constantly.  Insurance programs have come and gone.  These providers, starting with Bob Pearson of Allen Insurance, have shown the ability to not only stay in business but also the ability to help inspectors reduce their claims.

They also happen to have a deductible that is pretty close to the limit of the E & O Deductible Protection users of certain Inspector Services Group products receive.  In other words, talk to one of these insurance agents, then talk to the Inspector Services Group, and you’ll have a $0.00 deductible.  

It’s not only cool, it’s just plain smart business.



Allen Insurance Group

Bob Pearson



Ben Garrison



InspectorPro Insurance Program

Will Colton



Elite InspectInsure

Teresa Murray

For a complete list of home inspection errors & omissions insurance providers, contact the Inspector Services Group at 800544-8156.

Call Centers

Missing a call is expensive.  If you don’t think that’s the case, you’re lying to yourself.  If you do the math properly, you’ll find that you need at least three and possibly as many as five inspectors before hiring an office person makes sense financially…and even then you can only take one call at a time!

If you want to be successful, go where successful inspectors go- and they're decidedly split between two concepts.

One concept would be part-time and backup call answering- a service offered by the Inspector Services Group Call Center exclusively for home inspectors.  This program allows inspectors to answer the phone when they’re available and not pay someone else to take an order when they were available to do so themselves.

The other concept is full-time “office management,” offered by America’s Call Center (also exclusively for home inspectors).  Paul Zak takes a more personal approach to the business- he wants to handle every call he can for you and make your life easy.  It costs a bit more than the part-time services offered by the Inspector Services Group, but the return on that investment in terms of consistency and sanity is pretty good.


Call Centers


America’s Call Center

Paul Zak


The Call Center Inspector Services Group

Nick Bates



Everyone likes to be connected.  No one likes to be an outsider.

If you have ever walked into a room and it seemed that a group of people on the other side of the room were talking about you- it likely stirred one of two things in your mind;

1. Feeling like you might not be well liked or your fly is unzipped or something.

2. Thinking to yourself, “Of course they’re talking about me, I’m famous!”

Well, I always go with number two, and you will as well once you’re on the inside! This section is for strictly those things that the top inspectors in the country have in common.  MOST inspectors have a connection to one of these things, all successful inspectors have a connection with most or all of them.

It’s boarding time…will you get upgraded to first class?  It’s up to you…



Operated by…

P. Nathan Thornberry, Mike Doerr, & Bill Gustafson

The Inspector Services Group holds webinars regularly on marketing topics that most inspectors aren’t interested in, and few will grasp.  Every single one is designed to get you thinking…not to necessarily take the information and use it.  Over 500 inspectors from all across the U.S. and Canada stumble in about once every month after the kids are asleep to plan world domination.  It’s a lot of fun…and NOT for the timid.

Casey O’Malley Associates

Michael Casey & Kevin O’Malley

Legendary inspection conferences and one of the most innovative services ever- the COA Support Network.  Get inspection questions answered live via their application while you’re at the property.  Awesome.


Hollis Brown

If you’re in the home inspection business and you’re not listed on this site, you better check your watch because you’re running way behind.   


Millionaire Inspector Community

Mike Crow

If you haven’t heard Mike Crow speak at least once, you’ve missed out on decades of experience from a second generation inspector that built and sold one inspection company, and is working on his next.  Fast-forward your experience level by ten years…even if you’ve been in it for thirty.   
*Get in touch with either Mike Crow or Mike Doerr regarding pricing structure for multi-inspector firms as referenced in Chapter 14:  The Multi-Inspector Mindset.


One-on-One w/Mike Doerr!

Mike Doerr

Mike Doerr is famous for his One-on-One consultations with home inspection companies big and small.  There’s no qualification for talking to him, you don’t have to be a client or pay anything- but it will change everything.
Did I mention it was free?

Joe Ferry--The Home Inspector Lawyer

Joe Ferry, Claim Intercept

You’ve never met an attorney that understands what we do the way Joe does.  Take a look at his Claim Intercept service and keep it in your back pocket for when you bump into the right mental patient.


Home Inspector Pro- Web Hosting & Web Classes

Dominic Maricic

Anybody who’s anybody has heard Dominic talk about optimization of home inspector websites.  Find out where he’s going to be, go there.  If you have a website already, and you’re in love with it, great.  If you want a website that works for your business, talk to Dominic and then look at his web hosting options.

TOP (Total Online Presence) Marketing

Inspector Services Group


If you’ve seen an inspector with an awesome video on their website, or a Facebook page with more than 100 fans and a cool custom application…it’s NOT something they just figured out on their own.  It’s a system that makes you look like a professional enterprise, it’s cheap, and it’s guaranteed.  It works.




InterNACHI has some amazing resources.  Both ASHI and NAHI have created a national reputation for quality.  Local organizations such as CREIA, FABI, and many others have worked hard at establishing local connections with real estate organizations.

None of these associations have heavy fees or make it difficult to join- and my rule is belong to any that matter to your business.  

If there are agents in your area that tell their clients to ask if you belong to a particular organization, join it.  If you are looking for some support you’re not getting at one organization, join another.  It’s cheap.

Better yet, go to a conference or two every year, and seek out business opportunities as well as educational credits.  The most successful home inspectors I know attend conferences regularly.

Join your local association, but consider joining at least one, if not all three of the following nationwide associations (and CAHPI in Canada).



Associations (in no particular order)


American Society of Home Inspectors

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

National Association of Home Inspectors


Franchise Systems

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many of the franchise systems in the home inspection industry, and franchisees from literally all of them.

Resources you can get from vendors like myself can oftentimes be purchased in bulk through a franchise system- and much of the hassle of creating marketing materials and arranging for things like backup call centers is done for you in many cases as part of your franchisor’s offering.

In other words, there’s a lot to consider beyond the simple cost of obtaining a franchise territory and the ongoing franchise fees.   Just like going at it alone isn’t something I would encourage, a franchise isn’t for everyone either- but if you were considering a franchise opportunity, this is a list of the leading franchises in the business.  All of them offer phenomenal resources.


 Franchise Systems (in o particular order)




Pillar to Post



Hoe Inspection WIN





The Brickkicker

Inspect-It 1st




1st Inspection Services 


The Hungry Home Inspector

By P. Nathan Thornberry
The Inspector Services Group
All Rights Reserved

Any and all marks are the property of their respective companies.