The Hungry Home Inspector by P Nathan Thornberry :: Why Some Inspectors are Always Hungry for More While Others Just Go Hungry

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The Hungry Home Inspector

Why Some Inspectors Are Always Hungry For More
While Others Just Go Hungry

Chapter 3

The Technician Mindset

Often our greatest weaknesses are also our gretest strenghts.

In the spring of 2012, on my weekly radio show on FOX, I had an author by the name of Micheal E. Gerber as a guest. We had an hour-long chat about the Technician Mindset. Michael is a big deal, like a really big deal. With seven million + books sold, every major business magazine has given him huge credit for his advice to small business owners, and he’s been a New York Times best-selling author many times over.

Micheal’s book series, The E-Myth, is all about the “Entrepreneurial Myth.” I highly recommend reading the book, because although it’s written for a general audience, it may as well have “Home Inspector” stamped on the front cover.

We are, with notable exceptions of course, an industry full of technicians that are in business for themselves. Most inspectors are operating as a one-man shop, working every day to get orders next week in order to go out, do some inspections, make some money, and repeat the process. The fact that the clients make the checks out to us and the fact that we don’t have health insurance, a retirement plan, or regular work hours and paid vacations is what defines many inspectors as entrepreneurs.